TBA Launch Young Breeders’ group

TBA is delighted to announce the creation of a new group for young people in the industry, TBA Next Crop.

The group is being created with the aim of providing those aged 36 and under with the chance to network with their peers in the industry, as well as the opportunity to continue their professional development and education.

Entry will be open to anyone who has an interest in breeding and will also provide access to a number of exclusive events.

“The board of TBA believe there is a chance to create a network where young people who are already in the industry, or those who may be interested in taking part, can meet,” said TBA chief executive, Tom Reilly.

“There will be three key themes to Next Crop: meet, grow and lead. We want to develop a forum for like-minded young people to meet and develop their networks; to access learning and training opportunities so they feel they are continuing their own personal development, and also to have input on the future of the thoroughbred industry through this group.”

TBA aims to have a chapter of Next Crop in each state, which will then feed into a national leadership committee. Membership will be free, with TBA making a contribution to the group’s activities.

“As an industry, we have to make sure we are continually looking to bring in new people and also retain those that are already involved, and I believe this initiative will help with both of those aims,” said TBA president, Basil Nolan.

“The boards of TBA and Aushorse have been talking about this for a little while and all of us are excited about the benefits of Next Crop. I think this is something that will be well received and we are looking forward to hearing from this group and acting upon their knowledge and insight.”

TBA has brought many young people into the industry through its national traineeship program, Fast Track, and this has given the organisation an understanding of some of the issues faced by those early in their career.

“We know from the graduates of Fast Track that there can be a number of challenges for those coming into our workforce: loneliness and a sense of isolation can be a challenge, especially for those who aren’t on big farms or are working in teams with an older age group,” said Reilly.

“We also get feedback around the frustration felt when people don’t feel they’re learning or progressing with more responsibility. We think through Next Crop we can provide opportunities to learn – a mixture of formal and informal – that will allow its members to feel like they are building their skills and knowledge. If people are more engaged with their work and the industry we think they’re more likely to remain in it.

“And most importantly, we want the opportunities that Next Crop will provide to be shaped by its members and those who have put their hands up to be involved in its leadership. We want to give responsibility to those involved and I’m sure that, in turn, this will help bring through the next crop of leaders who will push the industry forward.”

Anyone wishing to become a member of Next Crop can register their interest at www.tbaus.com or, if they are attending the Magic Millions mare sale, speak to a member of the TBA team at their marquee.

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