Buying your First Racehorse

Anticipation, fascination, exhilaration, jubilation.

Owning a racehorse will fill you at least with some of those emotions – maybe all of them.

Watching your horse carry your colours can be the thrill of a lifetime, an unforgettable, fulfilling experience like no other.

And the great thing is that almost anyone can enjoy it.

Owning a horse is no longer the preserve of the elite, a pastime associated with royalty, captains of industry or movie stars.

Especially not in Australia.

Whatever your budget and whatever your appetite for risk, racing a horse is within your reach.

And getting involved, for a lot or a little, has never been easier – and never more lucrative.

For Australians who want to race a horse, the options are the most plentiful and varied on earth.

Nowhere is the combination of horses, races and world-leading prizemoney more attractive than in Australia.

And nowhere are the restrictions on ownership fewer.

For the price of the average household appliance you can become the part-owner of a horse. For less than the cost of a family car you can keep it running it for years.

All you have to do is decide how much of it you want to own, select a trainer, choose a horse and decide on a name and a set of colours… and before you now it, you heart will be racing.

You can find out more about the excitement of being a racehorse owner here.