Australian Sales

The Australian thoroughbred sales scene is a vibrant one. With major public auctions in each state of the nation, vendors and buyers are provided with great opportunities to trade horses. Additionally, many horses are sold through private sales or online auctions.

Australian thoroughbreds can be sold at different times of their lifespan including as weanlings (less than 1 year old), yearlings (1 year old), breeze-ups (unraced two-year-olds), tried racehorses, broodmares and

There are two major public auction companies in Australia, Magic Millions and William Inglis. They both have an annual schedule of public auctions occurring in each state of Australia.

Below is the calendar for Australia’s major public auctions for 2019:

SaleCompanyComplexSale Start DateSale End Date
Gold Coast Yearling SaleMMGold Coast09-Jan-1915-Jan-19
Summer Racehorse SaleMMGold Coast15-Jan-1915-Jan-19
January Online SaleInglis30-Jan-1930-Jan-19
Classic Yearling Sale Book 1&2InglisRiverside09-Feb-1912-Feb-19
Perth Yearling SaleMMSwan Valley18-Feb-1919-Feb-19
Tasmanian Yearling SaleMMLaunceston25-Feb-1925-Feb-19
February Online SaleInglis27-Feb-1927-Feb-19
Premier Yearling Sale Book 1&2InglisOaklands03-Mar-1906-Mar-19
Adelaide Yearling SaleMMMorphettville12-Mar-1913-Mar-19
Gold Coast March Yearling SaleMMGold Coast18-Mar-1919-Mar-19
March Online SaleInglis27-Mar-1927-Mar-19
Australian Easter Yearling Sale Books 1&2InglisRiverside08-Apr-1910-Apr-19
Autumn Thoroughbred SaleInglisOaklands15-Mar-1915-Apr-19
The Chairman's SaleInglisRiverside11-Apr-1911-Apr-19
Perth Autumn Racehorse SaleMMSwan Valley19-Apr-1919-Apr-19
April Online SaleInglis24-Apr-1924-Apr-19
Melbourne Gold Yearling Sale Books 1&2InglisOaklands28-Apr-1929-Apr-19
Australian Broodmare & Weanling SaleInglisRiverside03-May-1906-May-19
Adelaide May Yearling & Bloodstock SaleMMMorphettville05-May-1905-May-19
Scone Yearling Sale Books 1&2InglisScone12-May-1913-May-19
Scone Weanling & Thoroughbred SaleInglisScone13-May-1913-May-19
National Weanling SaleMMGold Coast23-May-1924-May-19
National Broodmare SaleMMGold Coast28-May-1931-May-19
May Online SaleInglis29-May-1929-May-19
National Yearling SaleMMGold Coast04-Jun-1906-Jun-19
National Racehorse SaleMMGold Coast06-Jun-1906-Jun-19
Great Southern SaleInglisOaklands16-Jun-1919-Jun-19
Perth Winter Yearling & Thoroughbred SaleMMSwan Valley23-Jun-1923-Jun-19
June Online SaleInglis26-Jun-1926-Jun-19
July Online SaleInglis31-Jul-1931-Jul-19
August Online SaleInglis28-Aug-1928-Aug-19
Spring Thoroughbred SaleInglisOaklands06-Sep-1906-Sep-19
September Online SaleInglis25-Sep-1925-Sep-19
Gold Coast 2YOs In Training SaleMMGold Coast08-Oct-1909-Oct-19
Spring Racehorse SaleMMGold Coast09-Oct-1909-Oct-19
Ready 2 Race SaleInglisRiverside14-Oct-1914-Oct-19
October Online SaleInglis30-Oct-1930-Oct-19
November Online SaleInglis27-Nov-1927-Nov-19
Christmas Thoroughbred SaleInglisOaklands13-Dec-1913-Dec-19
December Online SaleInglis18-Dec-1918-Dec-19

NB. Sale details are subject to change by the sales companies. Please check Magic Millions and William Inglis websites for up-to-date details.