Thoroughbred Welfare Initiative

In February 2020, with the support of other participant groups, TBA established an independent welfare panel, the Thoroughbred Aftercare Welfare Working Group (TAWWG), to look at how the thoroughbred industry could improve outcomes for horses after they leave racing and breeding.

The TAWWG was headed by former Victorian Premier, Dr Denis Napthine and also included RSPCA Australia and a former chair of Equine Veterinarians Australia.

In November 2021, the TAWWG released its report titled The Most Important Participant: A framework for thoroughbred welfare to provide a comprehensive pathway to improving thoroughbred welfare in Australia.

The report represents the shared wisdom of hundreds of people across Australia and the world including welfare specialists and equitation scientists, through to breeders, riders, owners and trainers.

The TAWWG received over 180 individual submissions and held consultation meetings with more than 50 organisations and people.

The report has been prepared independently by the working group members and all of the findings and recommendations are built on the submissions, consultations and information presented to the TAWWG.

The recommendations are specifically directed at addressing the aftercare challenges facing the thoroughbred breeding and racing industries, and they provide well-considered, practical ways to deliver improved whole-of-life welfare outcomes for all thoroughbred horses.

It is hoped that this report will provide an important pathway forward on welfare and it demands that the thoroughbred industry take action to ensure its most important participants, the horses, are protected at every stage of their life.

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