Federal Membership

The TBA is strongly inclusive when seeking the input of grassroots members in the formulation of policy and is keen to offer all breeders the opportunity to have a say in their industry’s affairs. We seek the involvement of each and every breeder on issues that will materially affect their commercial and animal husbandry interests.

Thoroughbred breeding and racing has long been a vital part of Australia’s culture and economics but now faces greater competition and challenges than ever before.

Every member adds to the strength of our representations to racing authorities, governments, the ASB and other decision-makers.

As well as meeting with various Ministers and officials in all States and the Commonwealth to pursue issues, we are forging strong links with government departments and agencies across Australia and overseas to pursue breeders’ interests.

We believe it is necessary to have a strong TBA membership to strengthen our capacity to more effectively represent breeders on the many on and off farm issues affecting their future.

With strength in numbers, your membership will help us build a stronger and more secure future for thoroughbred breeding in Australia.

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