About the Next Crop Program

TBA Next Crop

Meet. Grow. Lead.

TBA is delighted to announce the creation of a new group for young people in the industry, TBA Next Crop.

The group has been created with the aim of providing those aged 36 and under with the chance to network with their peers in the industry, as well as the opportunity to continue their professional development and education.

Entry will be open to anyone who has an interest in breeding and will also provide access to a number of exclusive events.

TBA Next Crop offers participants the chance to create a network where young people who are already in the industry, or those who may be interested in taking part, can meet.

There are three key themes to Next Crop: meet, grow and lead. The group is a forum for like-minded young people to meet and develop their networks; to access learning and training opportunities so they feel they are continuing their own personal development, and also to have input on the future of the thoroughbred industry through this group.

TBA aims to have a chapter of Next Crop in each state, which will then feed into a national leadership committee.

Membership is free.

To Join TBA Next Crop simply fill out the form below.

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