About the TBA

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia TBA is the parent company of the six State breeders’ associations and has an associate membership base of 3,780 individual breeders and industry participants. TBA is a non-profit industry body established for the benefit of the Thoroughbred breeding industry. TBA is comprised of a Board of 14 directors constituted by two representative members from each of the 6 state breeders’ associations and Aushorse Ltd.

TBA is recognized by the Australian Government, the Australian Racing Board, the Australian Horse Industry Council, the Australian Stud Book, Austrade and by all state Principal Racing Authorities as the peak industry body. TBA represents the Australian Thoroughbred breeding industry at the International Breeders Meeting and the Asian Racing Conference.

TBA takes a leadership role on issues of national and international importance such as quarantine, biosecurity, animal welfare, taxation, immigration and other government and regulatory issues. It represents the interests of breeders in dealing with the Stud Book, The Australian Racing Board and race clubs in addition to other stakeholder organizations.

In 2007 TBA established a subsidiary company, Aushorse Marketing Pty Ltd to specialise in marketing and promoting the Australian Thoroughbred industry both domestically and overseas.

Aushorse Marketing

Aushorse is a non-profit public company comprised of a Board of 7 directors whose mission is to advance the commercial interests of breeders and consignors throughout Australia by promoting the Australian Thoroughbred both domestically and internationally with the aim of increasing sales.

At the same time, Aushorse Marketing is strongly focused on introducing new owners to horse ownership through strategic partnerships with race clubs and other key groups including Australia’s two major Thoroughbred sales companies – Inglis and Magic Millions.

Aushorse Marketing is responsible for initiating and coordinating an ongoing international marketing campaign to promote the Australian Thoroughbred to buyers globally.  The campaign highlights all aspects of Australian breeding and racing, and the reasons why you should invest in our product.

Australia exports over 1,200 horses each year with an estimated value of over $100 million.  International buyers are of immense importance to the viability of the Australian breeding industry which is the second largest in the world following the United States of America.

Voting members: Each State association, and Aushorse Marketing
Associate members: Thoroughbred breeders who agree to join TBA free of charge

State Associations variously provide:

  • Regular Newsletters & Publications
  • Stallions Annual Year Book
  • Equine Research & information
  • Australian Thoroughbred Statistics
  • Pedigree Research & Assistance
  • Seminars, conferences & social functions
  • Information specific to their State’s thoroughbred sales
  • Various state initiatives & tender schemes
  • Stud Farm tours
  • Presentation Awards for Excellence
  • Internet and Website Listings & recognition
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