Changes to Skilled Visas

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia (TBA) welcomes changes to the skilled migration occupation list that benefit the breeding industry, announced by the federal government today.

A significant alteration to the visa scheme is the reinstatement of the occupation ‘horse trainer’ to the list of occupations under which employers can hire skilled workers from overseas. This occupation category is the one currently used to bring in the majority of foreign breeding staff.

Basil Nolan, president of TBA, said: “On behalf of the TBA I’d like to thank the government for listening to us breeders, as well as the broader racing industry, on what our needs are. We don’t employ big numbers of foreign workers, but those that are here are a vital part of the workforce and in a global business such as breeding we need to continue to have access to these highly skilled people.”

Mr Nolan added: “We also owe thanks to Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, who met with us to discuss this issue face to face and gave us a commitment he would assist on our behalf.

“I should also point out that it is testament to the continued efforts of TBA under our chief executive Tom Reilly to improve our industry’s standing in Canberra that we were able to have such a meeting a receive such a commitment.

“Finally, I would like to thank Barry O’Farrell at Racing Australia for his ongoing efforts on this issue as well as the Australian Trainers’ Association and NSW Trainers’ Association.”

TBA will continue to work with the relevant government departments to ensure all future changes to skilled visa programs meet the needs of the breeding industry.



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