An Industry Approach

The care and wellbeing of the thoroughbred is a primary consideration for breeders and is at the heart of what we do.

Our horses are highly valued animals and our aim is for each to fulfil its potential. This means the highest standards of animal husbandry: from veterinary care, farriers, dentists, through to feed, farm design and, of course, highly skilled staff.

And our members are committed not only to the care of their animals, but to enhancing the health of the entire breed.

For decades breeders have funded research to improve the lives of horses and prevent them from injury and disease. In the past four years this has been funded through a mandatory levy on each active stallion and mare.

This research benefits not just the breeding industry, but often has scientific advances that can be transferred and used on all horses.

As breeders we are also concerned about the fate of our horses once they leave our industry. In February 2020, with the support of other participant groups, we established an independent welfare panel, the Thoroughbred Aftercare Welfare Working Group (TAWWG), to look at how the thoroughbred industry could improve outcomes for horses after they leave racing and breeding.

The TAWWG is headed by former Victorian Premier, Dr Denis Napthine and also includes RSPCA Australia and a former chair of Equine Veterinarians Australia.

More than 160 submissions have been sent to the TAWWG and the panel will consult widely before they make their recommendations at the end of Spring 2020.

Visit the Thoroughbred Welfare Initiative to find out more.