An Industry Approach

The care and wellbeing of the thoroughbred is a primary consideration for breeders and is at the heart of what we do.

Our members are committed not only to the care of their animals, but to enhancing the health of the entire breed.

TBA has adopted set of welfare principals to ensure all breeders were aware of the standards expected across the industry.

The guidelines, which outline the fundamental principles for the care of thoroughbred breeding stock, are believed to be the first such protocols adopted by a national breeding body anywhere in the world.

Projects that breeders have funded – including studies into foetal abortions, West Nile Virus and improved fertility rates – have also had broad benefits for other members of the equine community.

TBA is proud that our members are in harmony with the natural environment.

Breeders are conscious of the need to work sustainably on their land, ensuring future generations’ ability to do the same.