State Membership

The State Associations and Aushorse have pledged support for a united and active national TBA. Each association is legally and democratically structured for the betterment of this great industry and welcomes new members and new ideas at all times. By becoming a member of your state association you automatically become a member of Thoroughbred Breeders Australia.


The TBA State breeding associations operate to promote, advance, encourage and coordinate the thoroughbred breeding industry in each of their respective states.


The TBA State breeding associations provide a vast number of membership benefits as well as circulating information and statistics relating to the industry and provide advice. They act as a major resource centre regarding any queries pertaining to thoroughbreds and horse racing and pride themselves on providing accurate and speedy information to any member of the general public as well as to their members.


Membership is essential for anyone who is seriously interested in breeding thoroughbreds and in keeping up to date with all that is happening in the industry. The benefits far exceed the material gain in books, newsletters, etc. You will also be joining 3,000 like-minded people around Australia in supporting your industry.


Membership - Why Join?

Membership is essential for anyone who is interested in breeding thoroughbreds and in keeping up to date with all that is happening in the industry both domestically and internationally. You will be joining 2,500 similarly committed people around Australia in supporting, promoting and advancing our industry. Thoroughbred Breeders Australia and its state breeding organisations provide numerous benefits to all their members. Members enjoy benefits such as:   


  • Regular Newsletters & Publications
  • Stallions Annual Year Book
  • Equine Research & information
  • Australian Thoroughbred Statistics
  • Pedigree research & assistance
  • Seminars, conferences & social functions
  • Various state initiatives & tender schemes
  • Stud Farm tours
  • Presentation awards for excellence
  • Representation at a National and State peak industry level
  • Internet and website listings & recognition
  • Promotions in Australia and overseas

And much more!
Membership – How do I join?
Depending on which state association you choose to join, all state associations provide a host of other benefits to their members. You can find out more about each state association by visiting their website or by contacting the each state association directly.