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RIRDC Horse Program Overview

The aim of the RIRDC Horse Program is for the Australian horse industry to be nationally and internationally recognised for its excellence as a reputable user and supplier of quality horses, products and services, and for the industry to expand in the global market by having the requisite skills and knowledge for efficient, profitable and sustainable production.
This Program is currently funded by voluntary industry revenue and matching RIRDC funds, however the industry is reviewing options to move towards a statutory levy arrangement for research funding.
Research investments are guided by the RIRDC Horse R&D Advisory Committee, following the Horse R&D Plan 2011-2016.

The RIRDC Horse Research, Development and Extension Program is one of RIRDC’s longest running programs. The Program has provided more than $11 million into over 200 projects since it began in 1995.

The Australian horse industry represents a wide variety of activities including primary production as well as sports and recreational interests. Many benefits are to be gained in all sectors of the horse industry from high calibre targeted research.

During the first part of the life of this Plan stakeholders in the horse industry will consider how to develop and introduce a statutory levy to fund the Horse Research, Development and Extension Program. A statutory levy will place the Program’s funding on a more secure footing than previously existed, with the Australian Government matching levies.

This Plan aims to assist the industry build and develop its future.


Priorities and Deliverables
Priorities for 2013–14
Assist the Thoroughbred sector of the horse industry prepare a submission for an R&D levy.
Manage the Australian Government’s investment in the National Hendra Research Program.

Deliverables in 2013-14
Undertake research for the horse industry to address health, safety and welfare.


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RIRDC Research Manager
Dr Nigel Perkins
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RIRDC Program Coordinator
Margie Heath
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