Thoroughbred R&D Levy Proposal

A Discussion Paper


14. Levy Approval & Implementation:

Following the levy ballot (proposed for July 2013), TBA is required to submit to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, a formal proposal detailing the consultation undertaken with industry stakeholders, any submissions received and the voting outcome. Formal objections to the levy proposal will then be invited by The Minister, Parliamentary Secretary or department within six weeks of the date of formal lodgement of the levy proposal.

DAFF will then assess the levy proposal and supporting documentation against the Levy Principles and Guidelines, and will provide a formal recommendation to the Minister. The levy proposal needs to be approved by the Prime Minister, Treasurer and Minister for Finance and Deregulation. Should the levy proposal be approved, the Australian Government will draft the required legislation to implement the agreed levy.
The target levy commencement date is 1 August 2014, in time for the commencement of the Thoroughbred breeding season. All levy funds collected by the ASB from the operative date of the levy will be remitted at the end of August 2015 and annually thereafter to DAFF. Levy funds are paid to RIRDC for investment in approved Thoroughbred R&D projects, together with matching funds allocated by the Australian Government.

Q11: Do you have any comments on the levy approval process? 

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