Thoroughbred R&D Levy Proposal

A Discussion Paper


13. Levy Ballot Arrangements & Voter Eligibility:

The levy consultation process will conclude with a ballot of all eligible voters to be undertaken by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) during July following the conclusion of the regional seminars have been completed.

An eligible voter is a person or entity that is registered with the Australian Stud Book (ASB) as the “contact breeder” who is responsible for submitting a Thoroughbred broodmare return or stallion return on behalf of the horses owner or owners.

Voting rights will be allocated to broodmare “contact breeders” on the basis of one vote per broodmare return, and to stallion “contact breeders” on the basis of one vote per mare covered. The ballot paper will involve a simple “yes” or “no” response to the following question:

Do you support the following statutory Thoroughbred R&D Levy package?

A charge of $10 per mare covered per season and paid by the stallion owner, and A charge of $10 per mare returned per season and paid by the broodmare owner.


The levy Principles and Guidelines require the majority (50% plus 1) of those eligible Thoroughbred breeders who are registered to vote, and who return completed voting papers must support the levy proposal for it to pass and be eligible for government consideration.

Q10: Do you have any comments on the proposed voter eligibility, voting entitlement and levy ballot provisions?

Please refer to Attachment 2: Thoroughbred Levy Feedback Form, where you are able to record your responses to the questions raised in this discussion paper.



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