Thoroughbred R&D Levy Proposal

A Discussion Paper


11. Industry Snapshot:

The Australian Thoroughbred breeding industry supplies weanlings, yearlings, 2 year olds, and broodmares to Thoroughbred sales and supports a vibrant Australian racing industry, which according to the Australian Racing Board (ARB) 2011/12 data (Australian Racing Fact Book) has 12,872 Thoroughbreds registered to race in Australia.

According to Australian Stud Book (ASB) 2011/12 data, the Australian Thoroughbred breeding industry comprises 24,633 registered broodmares, 765 registered stallions, owned by a total of 7,500 breeders. In the same period there were 22,275 mares covered, producing 15,540 live foals. In 2010/11 there were 7,744 Thoroughbreds (mostly yearlings) sold at auction with a total value of $317 million. Australia also exports around 1,500 to 2,000 Thoroughbreds each year, and imports around 900.
The structure of the industry is diverse, with some 80% of Thoroughbred breeders owning three or less broodmares comprising a total of 40% of the national herd. The largest individual breeders have more than 200 broodmares.

As detailed in Table 23 (Figure 1) below, NSW is the largest breeding state with 37% of broodmares, followed by Vic with 23%, QLD 19%, WA 12%, SA 5%, Tas 2%, and ACT and NT <1%. NSW also leads the field with 46% of the coverings and producing 43% of the live foals, as well as having the highest number of live foals to mares returned (73%), and the highest average book per stallion.

Whilst the data in Chart 4 (Figure 2) below indicates a contraction of the Thoroughbred Industry of around 40% over the past 20 years, the percentage of live foals to mares returned has actually improved from around 50% to over 60% during the same period, as a consequence of the R&D program to increased breeding outcomes, meaning Thoroughbred breeders are continuing to meet the demands of the racing sector.

However the data does have implications for levy collection, with a projected decline in levy collection in line with registered returns and coverings of 3% per annum.



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Q8: Do you have any comments on future trends for the Australian Thoroughbred Industry?

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