Thoroughbred R&D Levy Proposal

A Discussion Paper


10. Thoroughbred Program Advisory Committee

The RIRDC management model uses predominantly industry based Advisory Committees to make recommendations on the investment of available funds, and is proven to be successful with the industries it manages.

RIRDC will disband the current Horse R,D&E Advisory Committee and call for nominations from TBA, ARB and RIRDC to form a new Thoroughbred Program Advisory Committee when the levy has been put in place.

The Advisory Committee will consider all project applications received against the R,D&E Plan Objectives, Priorities and Goals, and make recommendations to the Board of RIRDC on future program expenditure.

As part of its accountability, RIRDC publishes ‘Research in Progress’ reports in May/June of each year, and presents an Annual Report later in the year that will show how the levy has been used and the forward expenditure plans for the coming year.

Q7: Do you have any comments on the proposed Thoroughbred RD&E Advisory Committee arrangements?

Please refer to Attachment 2: Thoroughbred Levy Feedback Form, where you are able to record your responses to the questions raised in this discussion paper.



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