Thoroughbred R&D Levy Proposal

A Discussion Paper


 8. Review of the Horse R,D&E Program:

With the proposed statutory Thoroughbred R&D Levy, and assuming voluntary contributions to the Thoroughbred RD&E Program also continue, it is important that the Thoroughbred breeding and racing sectors identify their priority expenditure areas within a new Plan.

TBA will ensure that annual stakeholder input will contribute to identifying priorities for research, development and extension activities, and ensure the program continues to address topical issues of importance for the Thoroughbred breeding and racing sectors.

With the assistance of RIRDC a review of Horse Program Objectives, Priorities and Goals will be undertaken in conjunction with consultation on the proposed statutory levy.

A New R&D Objective? Program planning, economic benefit studies and market research

It is suggested that the Thoroughbred R,D&E Program needs to include industry planning activities, economic benefit studies, and market research for both the domestic and export markets.

What do you think?

Please refer to Attachment 2: Thoroughbred Levy Feedback Form, which invites stakeholders to provide further input to the Review of the RD&E Plan.
Q5a: Are there any other R,D&E needs you think the Thoroughbred R,D&E Advisory Committee should consider when allocating R&D funds? If so, please list any additional Objectives (including Priorities and Goals if possible):

Q5b: Thinking about the many Objectives, Priorities and Goals listed above, which (including those you may have suggested) do you believe are the three most important Goals for the Thoroughbred Industry:


Please refer to Attachment 2: Thoroughbred Levy Feedback Form, where you are able to record your responses to the questions raised in this discussion paper.



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