Thoroughbred R&D Levy Proposal

A Discussion Paper


4. Industry Consultation Program:


McFarlane Strategic Services is a consultancy specialising in industry levies and stakeholder consultation. It has been appointed by RIRDC to assist TBA prepare the Thoroughbred R&D Levy proposal, and to undertake a broad industry consultation with stakeholders in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Government’s Levy Principles and Guidelines (January 2009).

Seminars (levy information sessions) are scheduled to be held across Australia during May and June 2013, providing all potential levy payers with a first-hand opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the Thoroughbred R&D Levy proposal. The specific dates, times and venues for these open seminars, which are hosted by State Thoroughbred Associations are detailed in Attachment 1. Additional information sessions can be arranged as required to ensure that all industry participants have ample opportunity to consider the levy proposal and to have their say. Seminars are open to all, as the proposed statutory R&D Levy will become payable by all registered Thoroughbred breeders.

This levy discussion paper provides essential background to the seminar program, and is being widely distributed by direct mail to all registered Thoroughbred breeders, as well as to other interested industry stakeholders through e-mail distribution lists. Please feel free to circulate this document through your networks to assist in its wider distribution.

Q1: Do you have any comments on the proposed industry consultation program?


Please refer to Attachment 2: Thoroughbred Levy Feedback Form, where you are able to record your responses to the questions raised in this discussion paper.

At the conclusion of the regional consultation meetings, all registered Thoroughbred breeders will be provided with an update report covering the issues raised, and to advise stakeholders on arrangements for the levy ballot to be undertaken by the Australian Electoral Commission in July.



Included with this discussion paper are: