March 23 2010

A report released today by Thoroughbred Breeders Australia (TBA) reveals that breeders in this country have committed in excess of $500million in the past two years in training fees for racehorses.  This figure does not include the purchase price of racehorses and the cost of breaking them in, nor the added expense of vets, farriers and other costs incurred in the upkeep of racehorses.




The report establishes that breeders wholly or partly own 63% of racehorses in training.  When you add together all the percentages of racehorses owned by breeders, it equates to owning the equivalent of 45% of all racehorses in Australia.

“The study demonstrates conclusively that breeders largely underwrite racing and make a massive contribution to the income and well-being of industry participants,” TBA president Trevor Lobb said.

“Breeders underpin racehorse ownership in this country and seek to play a constructive role in resolving the many issues affecting the viability and future of racing.”

The report was compiled using figures supplied by the Australian Stud Book and Racing Information Services Australia (RISA).

In real numbers, 7,177 of Australia’s 8,500 thoroughbred breeders share in the ownership of more than 35,000 racehorses.

Breeders also contribute in excess of $10million annually to prizemoney through race sponsorship and state incentive schemes like BOBS, VOBIS and QTIS.

“Breeders are determined to work with other industry participants to support and promote racing in these rapidly changing times,” Mr Lobb said.

“We are all in this together and recognition for the role of breeders as owners and contributors to racing is long overdue,” Mr Lobb said.

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