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1. Introduction:
Thoroughbred Breeders Australia (TBA) is proposing a statutory levy to be paid by all Thoroughbred broodmare and stallion owners registered with the Australian Stud Book (ASB), with the aim of providing a more secure and sustainable funding base for Research, Development and Extension (R,D&E) work for the Thoroughbred Industry. TBA considers an R&D Levy to be the most equitable way of sharing the costs and the benefits of such work, following a decision by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) to phase out its long standing financial contribution to the Horse Program.

In summary, the proposed statutory Thoroughbred R&D Levy package is to compulsorily collect:

  • A charge of $10 per mare covered per season and paid by the stallion owner, and

  • A charge of $10 per mare returned per season and paid by the broodmare owner.


TBA is now inviting all Thoroughbred broodmare and stallion owners to consider and comment on this R&D Levy proposal that will underpin the implementation of a new Thoroughbred R,D&E Program. This program will be based on the current Horse RD&E Plan 2011-2016, released in 2011 by RIRDC following extensive consultation with industry stakeholders, including Thoroughbred breeders.

Thoroughbred breeders will also have the opportunity to attend seminars (levy information sessions) scheduled across Australia during May and June this year, at which the proposed statutory levy will be presented for discussion. Industry consultation on the proposal will conclude with a ballot to be undertaken by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) in July 2013.

If the proposed statutory R&D levy is supported by Thoroughbred breeders, and subsequently approved by the Australian Government, the levy will be payable by Thoroughbred broodmare and stallion owners. The levy would be compulsorily collected by the ASB on all registered broodmare returns and coverings commencing 1st August 2017, or a date otherwise approved by the Federal Minister for Agriculture (The Minister).

All levy funds collected by the ASB from the levy commencement date will be remitted to the Department of Agriculture, who will oversee the levy collection process. Levy funds will then be transferred to RIRDC for investment in approved R,D&E projects. DAFF will recover its levy administration costs from RIRDC, who can use levy funds for this purpose. The Australian Government matches eligible R&D up to an approved funding level.


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