Horse Identification
How to identify the name and pedigree of your horse


Click here to download the application form PDF
If you have purchased or have been given a horse without ownership papers the Registrar of Racehorses can assist you in identifying your thoroughbred, as all racehorses competing in Australian races must first be registered prior to racing.
The Registrar of Racehorses is the custodian of all identification information pertaining to thoroughbreds registered in Australia.
If you have an unidentified horse and would like us to search our records to try and establish its identity then please download and complete the application form.
The horse must have been parentage validated by the Australian Stud Book and foaled since 1985.
Please note if the horse was born in Australia from 2003 onwards it may have been microchipped. Contact your veterinarian for more information about
determining the microchip number.
If the horse’s parentage can be determined a Thoroughbred Identification Certificate suitable for showing purposes will be issued. We will also provide details of the dam’s breeding record, sire’s breeding statistics, and race record where applicable.
The fee to conduct a search of our records is $75.00. Please note no guarantee can be given that the horse will be successfully identified.
If possible, please include photos of the horse showing its brands and white markings. Any photos supplied will be returned once the search has been completed.
Processing time may take up to two weeks. If we are not able to identify the horse within this time we will contact you and advise if a more extensive search is required.
Click here to download the application form PDF


Contacting the Registrar of Racehorses
Judy Stevenson
Registrations Officer - Registrar of Racehorses
Racing Information Services Australia Pty Ltd (RISA)
Level 7, 51 Druitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
T: 02 9551 7514 
F: 02 9551 7519